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Medical Jobs Australia offers information on medical jobs in Australia and New Zealand.

We list medical vacancies for doctors in all fields, permanent and locum tenens, with specialist (consultant), registrar, SHO and GP jobs all on offer, direct from the employers.


Benefits of Working in Australia

Working in Australia is a beneficial career choice in for a number of reasons.

  • Diverse Selection
  • Flexible Workplace
  • Experience
  • Personal Attention
  • The Money :-)
  • Liability Insurance
  • Better, Faster Pay

Working in Australia as a Doctor

Medical Locum jobs are a great way to grow your career and expand your experience.

Get the life you want with a placement that suits you, with everything taken care of every step of the way. Best practice, Best fit, No problems only with Medical Jobs Australia.


Welcome To Medical Job Australia

Working in Australia as a Medical Practitioner is a fantastic thing. Being able to locum is a life-changing experience. We offer top paying jobs and satisfaction with finding your Medical Job in Australia.

Whether you want a change of country or a change of location;we will help you travel the world and find your Medical Jobs in Australia. Medical Jobs Australia and its staff pioneered best jobs for doctors wanting to work in Australia. Many doctors choose to work in Australia as their final Medical Jobs location. Per year over 9,000 doctors chose to work in Australia and experience Medical jobs here.
The Medical Job experience in Australia and New Zealand is open for open for overseas trained doctors now. So get your application in today.

Medical Jobs In Australia

Why Choose Us?

Simply, "Great Service" is the reason behind why we are the locum recruitment company of choice in Australia and New Zealand, for medical and allied health locum placements. Now one may say that every company offers this but the reality is that not all service is created equal and when it comes to ensuring our locums get the medical jobs they desire and our hospitals and clinics get the best doctors with the skills and attitudes they seek it is no mistake that this is the driving force behind the passionate and dedicated team at Medical Jobs Australia.

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